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An information return, or 1099 form, is a tax document that certain persons are required to file with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to report certain business transactions.

An information return is not an income tax return; it is used for reporting purposes only. Information on the return is used both to assist taxpayers in preparing their return and to allow the IRS to match the information from the specified transaction to the taxpayers tax return.
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Tax1099.com intuitive wizard drives you through every step of the process.We work as your expert so you can focus on your business instead of 1099 E-filing.
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Our innovative technology combined with our TIN Matching service ensures accurate and timely filing of information reporting forms.
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We use 256 bit encryption for all your data and within our own system. Data is always fully encrypted during transit or at rest.
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Tax1099.com is available 24/7 using your computer, smart phone, or a tablet. Our native iOS and Android Apps are easy to use for information reporting on the go.


Our website offers you unmatched experience in terms of time and cost efficiency when you choose to file your clients' 1099s electronically. Our system is designed to support efiling for a single 1099 recipient to 2.5 million recipients in a single submission. Our system gives you the ability to manage your multiple clients with a single login account; making filing easy and helps you avoid duplicate data entry.  
Manage Multiple Payers (multiple EIN or SSN) Using a SSO (Single Sign On) : Our system allows you to add unlimited number of payers (EIN/SSN numbers) to your single login account. Access all of your payer (client) and recipient information in easy to navigate drop down list which is organized alphabetically.
E-file up to 2.5 Million 1099 Records:Our system is designed to handle returns from a single 1099 record up to 2.5 million records under single submission
Unlimited Free E-File for Rejected Return :If you missed out on a name or number that is not matching with the IRS records, then your file may get rejected. In that case, our system allows you to re-file rejected 1099 form at no additional cost.
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